Warranty Policy

1) Normally, the warranty period is 1 year. However, this may differ depending on the respective state.

The warranty does not include defects that are due to commercial use of the product and/or normal wear and tear and/or damage by third parties and/or improper utilization or treatment and/or utilization of the product contrary + to the operating and maintenance instructions and/or not intended installation and/or non-compliance with the local safety standards and/ or the results of an intervention by a third party or a not authorized opening of the device including any measures for modification, adjustment, and/or adaptation measures (also in case of professional execution).

Warranty applies as of the date of purchase when the final customer purchased the product and is exclusively

limited to the rights as of 1), as far as this does not limit any further legal warranty claims on the basis of various national laws.

Warranty is subject to the return of the defective product with carriage paid, within the warranty period, including the original receipt that must include the date of purchase as well as the company stamp/company print of the first dealer.


2) The warranty covers – replacement of the device or components of the device.

With defects that are not covered by the warranty and/or that are excluded from the warranty (see above).

As far as permitted by law, any further liability - with the exception of intent and gross negligence – is excluded for any indirect or direct damages and consequential damages, regardless of whatsoever basis of claim.

This applies in particular to damages with other property, damages to persons, data losses as well as

financial losses like loss of profit as well as transport damages in connection with returns.

As far as liability limitations are not legally allowed or effective in certain states or certain regions, the limitations are to be effective to such extent that exclusions of liability.

This gaming device is designed to withstand approximately two hours of use per day during the course of the warranty period of one year.